Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cross-cooking Part II

I have written earlier about the fantastic dish haggis pakora from Glasgow and inspired by this Indian-Scottish cross-cooking I did experiments at home. I am less brave, though, so I have only been trying South-European - Scandinavian combinations.

First up (depicted here) is the famous Iberian morcilla along with potato omelette (tortilla). Morcilla is an Iberian blood-sausage quite similar, but typically superior to, its Swedish cousin the blodpudding. Morcilla contains rice or vegetables whereas blodpudding contains flour and the best ones come from Burgos or Etxarri Aranatz. This one was was from Burgos.

Normally you serve morcilla with beans but sometimes like here with tortilla and tomato sauce. My hypothesis was that it would be even better with lingonsylt (lingonberry jam or "tyttebærsyltetøy" as they say here in Norway; the lingonsylt test area is located in the slightly out-of-focus back of the green plate). I think it was damn good but it was even better with tomato sauce, so this was a negative result. Unable to publish it in a peer-reviewed journal I thus put it here on my blog.


Anonymous said...

Bloggen lever! För övrigt vore det mer rättvist att jämföra den med den skånska blodkorven som till skillnad från sin nordliga variant är ätlig.

Anders Lanzén said...

Blodkorv, ja. Det har du faktiskt rätt i. Jag har dock aldrig smakat det men det låter bra. Ska testa det nästa gång jag kommer till Skåne eller till Sverige.